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We design course modules that will keep your learners engaged from beginning to end by enticing them to interact with new information and practice using prior knowledge every step of the way. Our commitment to sound instructional design practices, such as micro-learning and gamification, means that they will retain more of what they learn than ever before. The care that we put into our work provides learners with meaningful experiences that they will then apply in the real world.
Virtual Instructor
Led Training
You lead the class, and we’ll provide the training materials. We develop eLearning exercises that your learners can dig into and meaningfully interact with in order to gain the background knowledge that they need to succeed in your class. We design lab activities that build off of the initial eLearning and allow you to provide scaffolding to help your students reach a higher level of understanding. Regardless of how you deliver your course materials, we design to reach learners wherever they are in their learning journey.
Whether you need to source an LMS solution from scratch, or you already have an LMS with which you need assistance, we're able to provide end-to-end support. We offer LMS hosting with Moodle, and can assist you in deploying your own instance of Moodle on your own server. Additionally, we're very well-versed in just about every other LMS on the market, and can provide you with the tools you need to succeed in learning management systems.
If you can imagine it, we can make it happen. We create beautiful images that convey exactly what you mean in a crystal-clear manner. We are particularly good at developing graphics for eLearning and web interfaces, which call for easily visible images that belong together and are easy to understand. Your audience will find them intuitive and understand them right away.
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Change the way your organization learns, with our help.

To interact, to engage with, to respond; these are the things that our customers want from their products. Clients want to move away from static presentations and show customers the dynamic excitement they bring to the market.
We respond to these needs with 105+ combined years of experience, full scale interaction, scenario, blended learning, and graphic design.
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Courses created in these industries:
Healthcare, diversity, equity, and inclusion, hotel management, auto repair, electronics, software, food service, human resources, skilled trades, large scale farming equipment, heavy industrial equipment, sales and customer service, housing counseling, financial counseling, cybersecurity, aviation, lifeguarding, cryptocurrency, equestrian, grocery distribution, solar panels, non-profit/charity, grassland management, and military training.
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Preston Consulting Group provides custom services, tailored to your needs. We avoid "off the shelf" solutions, so that you and your audience truly benefit from the products we design.
The best learner experience
We have shaped our company, services, and skills around this concept. We develop eLearning that engages the user, web designs that flow and make learning about your company enjoyable to readers, and admin frameworks that you will find intuitive.
Smooth development processes
Experience has its perks. We have completed hundreds of projects with tons of customers, making our process is smooth and efficient.
A one-stop shop
We provide everything in one place; instructional design, vILT courses, graphic design, video editing, voice over services, LMS consulting and hosting, and even translations.
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Your business is not the same as every other business!
Our team will spend the right amount of time learning about your business goals, so that the learning products we produce will blend seamlessly into your success.
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